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Second opinions and referrals

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Second Opinions seen at Tower Veterinary Centre

We are regularly asked by owners to give a second opinion on a pet’s diagnosis and treatment plan from another vet practice. We are happy to provide second opinions but we do need to get your pet’s medical record so we are fully aware of all conditions and medications. Your vet will phone you first to get permission to forward these records on to us. There should be no embarrassment to either party to seek a second opinion.

Referral to a Specialist

Some cases can be very complicated or lay out with our area of expertise. These cases may require a specialist vet to assist with treatment- much the same way a doctor may refer a human to a consultant at the hospital. If we feel a referral to a specialist vet would be beneficial, we will discuss this with you. We arrange the appointment in the first instance and send along your pet’s medical records with your permission.

Asking for a Second Opinion or Referral

At Tower Veterinary Centre, we endeavour to do our very best for your pet. We discuss and review cases amongst our veterinary team. If you would like an opinion from another vet within the practice, please feel free to ask.

If you would prefer a second opinion from out with the practice or referral to a specialist, please just ask and we can arrange for the appropriate records to be sent on.

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